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This course provides an overview of the main psychological challenges faced by traders and investors and applies the most important findings from scientific research that help us address biases and shortcomings in financial decision-making.

Structure of the course:

  • Introduction
    • Why does investment psychology matter?
    • Modelling investment decisions
  • Psychology and Decisions
    • Decision criteria and psychology
    • Investment implications of Prospect Theory (PT)
    • Scenario modelling and psychology
  • Heuristics and Cognitive Biases
    • Thinking Modes
    • Heuristics and related biases
    • Are biases always bad?
  • Risk Perception and Risk Attitude
    • Risk Perception and Risk Attitude
  • Emotions and investments
    • The role of emotions
    • Self-control and investment decisions
  • Personality and investments
    • Personality and investments
  • Bibliography
  • Review Exam