blockchains & cryptocurrencies

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The course gives you an overview into blockchains, cryptocurrency and other blockchain-related investment categories, decentralised finance (DeFi) as well as operational, regulatory and relevant risk management topics.

This course does not constitute investment advice.




    • Distributed Ledger Technology
    • Consensus mechanisms
    • Tokens, Nodes, Layers
    • Blockchain features
    • Blockchain applications

Blockchain and cryptocurrency investing

    • Investment approaches
    • Tokenomics
    • Coins and Blockchains
    • Trading Operations
    • Wallets

Risk Management and Compliance

    • Risk Management
    • Licensing and regulation in Europe and Switzerland
    • Security risks
    • Fraud risks
    • Other IT risks

Decentralised Finance

    • Why DeFi
    • Comparisons with traditional finance
    • Examples of DeFi applications

Review Questions


target audience

The course is designed for private investors and investment professionals who want to gain a broad and structured overview of the crypto universe.


    Course Specifications

    Format: Online Course with videos and scripts.

    Length: ca. 2h30min

    Certificate/confirmation: a confirmation will be issued subject to passing the review exam.

    Cost: CHF 290